A Pain In The….

This post is going to be a long one, and is not how I planned on resurrecting this blog. Nevertheless….

Are we sitting comfortablely? Good.

Toward the end of October, my neck started feeling tight and cranky, especially in the morning. I figured it was time for new pillows (I tend to buy cheapass ones from Target, since my go-to pillow source got assimilated by the Evil Red Star back in 2006). Got new pillows; didn’t help much. Then one Saturday I awoke with awful neck pain and stiffness. Advil didn’t do much for it, neither did the stretches/acupuncture/adjustment my Chiropractor gave me.  The pain kept bugging me, even at night. After the second visit, my Chiropractor said I had a pinched nerve, and to keep on with all the stretching every 2 hrs. So I did.

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